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Music Video Of The Week.. [Vol 3]

Hye semua. Now it's time for music video. So this is the third music video., music video minggu lepas dari Pierce The Veil yang covering lagu Bruno Mars., Just The Way You Are. The lucky music video for today is from I See Stars. It is one of Electronicore band from Warren., Michigan. Music video nie  agak special sikit. Macam 3D punya video. Cool juga untuk korang layan. Just hear it., special for you all..enjoy it... xD

Song Title : 3D
Perform by : I See Stars
Genre : Electronicore

#Gaya rambut lead vocal dalam band tu macam gaya rambut saya la..ehehe

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4 Responses to Music Video Of The Week.. [Vol 3]

  1. 1st....lagu maher zein xde ke syaza?

  2. ☠ | Mohamad Syazwan bin Shafie | 19 | Rompin, Pahang | ☠

    ---> This is my only about me,...nothing special...

    ☠ This is my life. So, it's up to me how to live it. Please don't judge it.
    ☠ You need to know many things about me. But till that time, u still can't say u know me really well.
    ☠ I am who I am. And your opinion isn't needed for that!
    ☠ I will only respect those who respect me. So if you rude to me, I can treat u more worse!
    ☠ I am a hardcore, like hardcore song, screamo, deathcore, cruncore, metalcore...
    ☠ Hate korean movie, korean song, and anything that mix with korean..., it just like a gurl...

    THINGS YOU NEED TO REMEMBER : I'm a man with an attitude.

    puihk!! cam haram je ko bapok.......

  3. oi bapuk...ko hidup lagi ke?


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